Weed Control

No one likes to look at, much less deal with, weeds!

Let Xpress Landscaping and Lawn Care take care of it all. We are experts at stomping out the weeds that detract from the beauty of your lawn and landscaping. We examine what weeds are present in your lawn and take appropriate action fast. You'll see all of your weeds dead within a week or two. And then watch as the correctly fertelized and fed lawn fills in the gaps. You'll see amazing results in as little as a month.

A lush, full, rich, deep green lawn awaits you under all of the junky weeds and unwanted plants in your front yard. We know how to get it there.

Don't hesitate, call us now so we can get started right away.

Don't worry, no high pressure sales tactics are used...high pressure weed killing is the only thing going on here!

Lanscaping with Bridge


"Xpress Landscaping has done my landscape at multiple locations and I've been more than satisfied. They have done an excellent job getting it to look the way it should and maintaining it to that standard. They have always been willing to work within my budget to maximize value and create great curb appeal."

Joe Martin
General Manager, Hooter's S. Arlington

"We've had several lawn care companies take care of our lawn and landscaping in the past. But never has anyone came in and had the weeds dead in one week! And the incredible dark green grass that replaced them because of using the right fertelizer was unbelievable."

Greg and Angela
Mansfield, TX